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Athenia Teng
Senior Associate Psychotherapist, Virtual Only
Adults, Couples & Teens 13+


As a therapist, I’m informed by my lived experience as colony-born Chinese American, an immigrant (during my teenage years, at that) and a womxn of color, and by my childhood experience of having an absent dad who eventually disappeared (think issues around relationships, attachment, and abandonment), and my own healing journey through all of these as a therapy client and through art and dance.

Before landing here as a therapist, I weaved my way through many types of work and work settings—finance, graphic design, non-profit, and tech/corporate etc.. I understand firsthand the challenges of working in spaces that are high demand, high intensity and deadline-driven. It was through therapy (and other forms of healing modalities) and exploration of my intersectionality (thus gaining helpful language) that I was finally able to access more deeply what would bring me liberation and joy. 

So much of this liberation and joy is my passion for being a therapist, a dancer, and an artist. They each highlight for me the importance of being present with and aware of the self, and of being able to access that which is truly authentic to us, unbound by narratives forced upon us by society and others, and undiscovered deep-seated and harmful patterns learned through life.

I celebrate the strengths and center the needs of those who are marginalized by systems of power and privilege, and am drawn to working with BIPOC, AAPI folks, immigrants, descendants of immigrants, and those who identify as alternative, different, the other, weird, rebellious, and not part of mainstream, etc.. In addition to English, I speak conversational Cantonese.

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What is your per session fee?
  • Each 50-minute adult (individual) psychotherapy session with Athenia Teng is $185

  • Each 50-minute adolescent (individual) psychotherapy session with Athenia Teng is $210

  • Each 50-minute couple psychotherapy session is $240

What is your cancellation policy?

Your therapy session is a time reserved especially for you.  Your credit card will be charged the full fee of the session if you cancel within 48 hours or no show.

How long is each individual session and how frequently do I attend?

Each 50-minute psychotherapy session is typically attended weekly, although this recommendation may be adapted to your specific needs.

Do you accept insurance?

While we do not currently accept insurance, we reserve a small number of sliding scale fees which are approved on a case by case basis.


Additionally, we can provide you with a statement to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance company to determine the rate at which you are eligible to be reimbursed.

How do you handle privacy and confidentiality?

All aspects of your treatment are confidential within the practice. Important exceptions include if there is risk that you might do harm to yourself or someone else. I am a mandated reporter for the abuse of protected populations, including children, elderly and incapacitated adults. For further information, please review my "Notice of Privacy Policies" in its entirety under the Forms and Resources section of the FAQ.  

Athenia FAQ
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