Adult Psychotherapy

Girl's mindfulness group

My Adult Psychotherapy practice is focused on Women’s Mental Health, with an eye towards the numerous, and often competing, personal and professional roles that we navigate throughout a lifetime. Although it seems we have more choice than ever, a woman’s identity and success continues to be externally defined by the ability to do (and want) it “all.”

Making sense of your personal identity within these multiple roles can often fall by the wayside, impacting both emotional and physical well-being. Woman-centered psychotherapy provides the framework to explore the complexities of your daily experience within a cultural context.  


As an ally and guide, I can offer a safe space for you to be heard; a space where you can begin to explore, with gentle curiosity, the patterns and behaviors that make you feel “stuck.”


Areas of specialty

Involuntary Childlessness/Infertility

Reproductive Trauma, including miscarriage

Current and/or historical trauma, including physical and sexual violence

Harm Reduction, including self-harm behaviors

Career challenges


Pregnancy & Motherhood

Eating disorders and other compulsive disorders

Mother-Daughter Dyads


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My Approach

I take an interactive, insight-oriented approach to therapy, offering feedback and building upon your existing strengths.

While I draw on a variety therapeutic methods, I believe that early life experiences and relationships can shape our strengths and challenges as adults.


I incorporate a range of research-based modalities, including Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Object Relations and Cognitive therapies.

What is your per session fee?

The cost of each 50 min session ranges from $200-$225.

What is your cancellation policy?

I work by offering each client a standing appointment time for which you pay on a per session basis. 48-hours notice is required in order to avoid being billed the full amount for the missed appointment. Every effort is made to reschedule any missed appointment as soon as possible.

How long is each individual session and how frequently do I attend?

Each 50-minute psychotherapy session is typically attended weekly, although this recommendation may be adapted to your specific needs.

Do you accept insurance?

While I do not currently accept insurance, I reserve a small number of sliding scale fees which are approved on a case by case basis.

Additionally, I can provide you with a statement to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance company to determine the rate at which you are eligible to be reimbursed.

How do you handle privacy and confidentiality?

All aspects of your treatment are confidential within the practice. Important exceptions include if there is risk that you might do harm to yourself or someone else. I am a mandated reporter for the abuse of protected populations, including children, elderly and incapacitated adults. For further information, please review my "Notice of Privacy Policies" in its entirety under the Forms and Resources section of the FAQ.