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*Testimonials are never solicited from existing clients.

"Dr. Kwan is an empathetic healer who has guided me through tough times. I went into therapy not knowing what to expect but she helped me through some earlier trauma that I never thought I would be able to heal from. Her warmth, expertise and engagement were what I needed to process my grief and I cannot recommend her enough."

- Former Client

"As a clinician, I am always looking for great trainings in order to add to my skill set. Although, Dr. Kwan is clearly a master of her art, she presented the information in a way that avoided theoretical jargon

and instead made concepts easily digestible!

That was a surprise to me - I wish I had had learning 

experiences like this when I was getting my PhD! Thank you, Dr. Kwan!"

- Mindfulness Training Participant 

"Dr. Kwan is a knowledgeable therapist, but more importantly, she is a highly empathetic and and nonjudgmental presence that helped me greatly as I was swimming through the ups and downs of pregnancy. At that time, I was dismayed at the lack of therapists specializing in reproductive issues so it was a huge emotional support to have her in my corner. After working with Dr. Kwan (for more time than I have seen any other therapist), I felt a real shift in my reproductive story. This helped me take away a lot of the negative feelings I had towards my pregnancy experience. I highly recommend Dr. Kwan.

- Former Client

"When I graduated from my graduate program, one of the most exciting AND fearful thoughts I had was that I was finally alone. Leaving behind my textbooks and deadlines meant that I was free from academic pressures but it also meant that I might never have the support system I had become so accustomed to. When I met Dr. Kwan, her skillful care, professionalism and broad range of knowledge let me know that I was in great hands. Working with her over the past couple years, I have grown not only as a clinician, redefining my goals and approaches to therapy, but also as a person. Dr. Kwan not only case consults with masterful ease, she also creates an environment that places emphasis on personal growth and critical self-inventory. I will forever be grateful for this experience."

Former Supervisee

"When I'm sitting with Sarah, I know I can always count on her to listen patiently, ask questions that make me think more deeply and to be there for whatever comes up in the moment - even the most difficult feelings. I love that Sarah is her authentic self as a therapist. When you see how genuine she is, it allows for trust to build quickly and for anyone who works with her to feel immediately at ease. I highly recommend her!"

- Psychotherapist, Colleague

"Through the years I've known Sarah, she's been around through the highs and lows. During times when I needed the courage to make hard decisions to pivot my life in a positive direction, Sarah has been the person I would turn to. Not only for emotional support, but to have a deeper understanding of why. Sarah's approach to problems always comes from respect for myself and those around me. She has a gentle way of helping you find a path of self-care while acknowledging all the other variables surrounding the situation. I have such gratitude for the support Sarah's provided me."

- Former Teen Client

"I worked with Sarah in one of the SF high school Wellness Centers where she works with students who are referred for therapy. She connects so well to many youth and builds very strong connections with her clients. Sarah has a kind, down to earth way about her that makes people feel safe and listened to. I would highly recommend Sarah as a therapist for youth and adults." - Social Work, Community-Based Colleague

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